Jimi Lanham

Jimi Lanham is an Atlanta-based headshot photographer, personal trainer, Desert Storm combat veteran, actor and proud father.

His innately intuitive nature, unique life experience and keen skills of observation enable him to perceive and capture his subject's nuances in a manner other professionals may not. His ability to put the subject at ease is key in his work, as he emphasizes relaxation and genuine expression in his photo shoots to create the best possible images.

"With very few exceptions, people change when you point a camera at them. They tend to either don a very practiced, very manufactured 'mask' of themselves or contort their faces unnaturally. Their insecurities are amplified as they attempt to compensate for what they believe are flaws. This is a natural reaction, but often not one which yields a favorable result. The challenge is to get them to simply 'be'. Just 'be', and I'll do the rest."